Lachiewicz Sibley syndrome


Type of disease: Rare conditions

Lachiewicz Sibley syndrome is a rare genetic disorder. This condition results from a mutation or error in a person’s DNA or genes. Symptoms of this disorder may include renal disease or preauricular sinus or cyst, which is a dent or dimple located next to the outer ear. Those with Lachiewicz Sibley syndrome may also have underdeveloped kidneys or excess protein in the urine. This condition is inherited as an autosomal dominant condition, which means that although there are two copies of each gene in almost every cell, only one of the copies has to have the changes or mutations to cause the symptoms. Many times this condition may run in families, and if one parent has the condition there is a 50% chance their child will have it too. Although there is currently no cure for Lachiewicz Sibley syndrome, there are various resources to help manage the condition and treat birth defects. Doctors seek help from various therapists and community services to provide support and care for families affected by Lachiewicz Sibley syndrome.

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