Neonatal ovarian cyst

Fetal ovarian cyst


Type of disease: Rare conditions

A neonatal ovarian cyst is a common fluid, air, or somewhat solid sac of cells (cyst) that forms on one or both ovaries of a developing infant. This condition may develop before birth or within the first 28 days of life (neonatal).

These cysts are often found before birth through the mother’s sonograms or through physical examination after birth. The cysts are generally benign (not cancerous) and may spontaneously resolve on their own either before birth or after.

Common symptoms of a neonatal ovarian cyst may include abdominal pain, irritability, and vomiting. However, if the cyst is small, there may be no symptoms. In some cases, when the cyst is large or complex in nature, surgery may be recommended prenatally (during pregnancy) to prevent further damage to the ovary or other more serious complications. There is still much discussion on management and treatment options including prenatal surgery, monitoring, and post-natal surgery (after birth). If your baby has been diagnosed with a neonatal ovarian cyst, talk to your doctor about the most current treatment options.

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