Paget disease of the breast


Type of disease: Rare conditions

Paget Disease of the Breast is a rare type of cancer that affects the skin of the nipple and the skin around it (the areola). People with this condition also often have one or more tumors inside the same breast. Symptoms include: itching or redness in the nipple or areola, flaking, crusty or thickened skin around the nipple, a flattened nipple, and yellowish or bloody discharge from the nipple. Paget disease of the breast usually occurs around age 60, and can occur in both men and women, but most cases are found in women. Since this condition is rare it is often misdiagnosed, but correct diagnosis includes a nipple biopsy, where a needle is used to take a small piece of the breast tissue to exam under a microscope. There are several different types of treatment for this condition depending on several factors including whether or not the cancer has spread.

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