Type of disease: Rare conditions

Pemphigus is a group of rare autoimmune diseases that cause blistering of the skin and mucous membranes (mouth, nose, throat, eyes, and genitals).  This condition can occur at any age, but often strikes people in middle or older age. It is more common in people of Middle Eastern or Jewish descent than in other races and cultures. Pemphigus is a chronic disease which is best controlled by early diagnosis and treatment.  Treatment includes steroids to reduce inflammation, drugs that suppress the immune system response and antibiotics to treat associated infections.

There are three main types of pemphigus:

  • Pemphigus vulgaris
  • Pemphigus foliaceus 
  • Paraneoplastic pemphigus
  • Source: Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD), supported by ORDR-NCATS and NHGRI.

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