CLCN4-related X-linked intellectual disability syndrome

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Synonyms: Raynaud-Claes syndrome

A rare X-linked syndromic intellectual disability characterized by intellectual disability of variable degree behavioral anomalies (including autism mood disorders obsessive-compulsive behavior and hetero- and auto-aggression) and epilepsy. Progressive neurological symptoms like movement disorders and spasticity as well as subtle dysmorphic features have also been reported. Heterozygous females may be as severely affected as males.

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CLCN4-related X-linked intellectual disability syndrome?

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Advocacy Organizations

Cure CLCN4

Cure CLCN4 is a registered charity aimed at providing support, raising awareness and funding medical and scientific research for effective treatments for CLCN4-related neurodevelopment condition, a rare genetic condition that causes intellectual disability and other problems such as epilepsy, behavioural disorders, movement disorders and microcephaly.

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Clinical Trials

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