Vulvovaginal gingival syndrome

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Vulvovaginal gingival syndrome

A rare non-malformative vulvovaginal disease characterized by a combination of erosive or desquamative lichen planus (LP) of vulval vaginal and gingival mucosae with a high propensity for scarring and stricture formation. Additional sites of involvement are frequently observed (in particular tongue buccal mucosae skin and perianal LP). Patients may be asymptomatic or more commonly present with pain burning discomfort and bleeding dyspareunia and seropurulent vaginal discharge.

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Advocacy Organizations

the fairy goddess mother project inc

The Fairy Goddess Mother Project is dedicated to increasing awareness of Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus (VLS), providing financial assistance to women needing treatment, and supporting patient’s efforts to participate in clinical trials.

Clinical Trials

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