X-linked intellectual disability due to GRIA3 mutations

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X-linked intellectual disability due to GRIA3 mutations

A rare genetic X-linked syndromic intellectual disability disorder characterized by moderate to severe intellectual disability associated with epilepsy short stature autistic features and behavioral problems such as self injury and aggressive outbursts. Observed facial dysmorphism includes brachycephaly prominent supraorbital ridges and deep set eyes. Additional variable manifestations include malposition of feet asthenic habitus hyporeflexia bowel occlusions hydronephrosis ren arcuatus delayed motor development and disturbed sleep-wake cycle.

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Reference: Access aggregated data from Orphanet at Orphadata.

Orphadata: Free access data from Orphanet. © INSERM 1999. Available on http://www.orphadata.org. Data version May 2024

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X-linked intellectual disability due to GRIA3 mutations?

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