Liz Marfia-Ash

GRIN2B Foundation is pleased to announce they are celebrating the second annual GRIN2B Awareness month in March. Being that this is a virtual event, we encourage you to get involved wherever you are in the world.

GRIN2B is not the name of a disease or disorder, but is the name of a gene located on the 12th chromosome. Its function is to encode a protein that forms a receptor responsible for sending chemical messages to the brain. A variation on the GRIN2B gene means that some portion of this specific genetic code either got deleted, duplicated or rearranged. As of 2018, changes to the GRIN2B gene are now being referred to as GRIN2B-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder.

During the month of March, GRIN2B Foundation will share facts and common symptoms of this rare disorder on our social media pages in an attempt to educate our community and the broader public. We will also share profiles of diagnosed individuals in order to humanize this disorder. Though we ultimately want to fund research for treatments and better care for individuals with GRIN2B, we also want to celebrate the spirit of these children and their families.

Visit to learn more about GRIN2B. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during March as as we raise both awareness and funds for this unknown disorder.

From: 03/01/2019 - To: 03/31/2019

All day event

Niles, Illinois, United States of America