The largest gathering of KIF1A families and researchers to date will take place at the KAND Family & Scientific Engagement Conference in New York City, August 16-17, 2019. KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder (KAND) causes a group of related, severe medical conditions that include spastic paraplegia, cerebellar atrophy, epilepsy, cognitive impairment, optic nerve, atrophy and peripheral neuropathy. These conditions are progressive and are associated with neurodegeneration, igniting a fierce sense of urgency in our mission.

Through the KAND Family & Scientific Engagement Conference, we aim to educate the community of KAND families and empower them to engage as partners in KAND research and help establish our research priorities and agenda.

From: 08/16/2019 - To: 08/18/2019

All day event

New York, United States of America