Join us for a Rare Weekend of Wellness.

At ANGEL AID, we believe in uplifting the family by caring for the caregivers ~ particularly mothers. Every woman should have access to the training needed to help sustain your own emotional, social, financial and physical health throughout the life-altering journey with your child’s rare disease.

This November, refuel before the holidays with other rare mothers in our supportive small group retreat. Engage in self-care, build community with other moms (who truly understand) and learn the tools needed for sustainable wellness back in your home life.


– 3 days/2 nights @ Barrett Family Ranch (just 10 minutes from Disneyland in Southern California)

Facilitator: Dr. Laura Riordan, PhD – A holistic life coach and author of the Sustainable Mom workshop series with 20 yrs in the mind and body wellness industry.

Our Wellness Retreat will feature:

– Meditative Practices & short Mindful Walks around beautiful Orange Park Acres (an equestrian community near Disneyland — all the neighbors at Barrett Family Ranch have horses!)
– Strategies for Embracing Change (to help reduce the stress and anxiety of a ‘medicalized life’)
– Tips, Tools & Rituals for Self Care (to support you during those micro-moments back home)
– Equine Experience – Healing with Horses (we will work with four beautiful horses located less than a mile away)
– Mother to mother mentoring (our small group will bond in beautiful ways and this connection will be supported with virtual meetups beyond the event)

Cost: $1500* — Including healthy catered meals and snacks, workshop materials, special gifts, ‘Healing with Horses’ experience and yoga/sound healing (optional)

If you have any questions at all, please contact Cristol O’Loughlin – – (415) 987-2000. *We strive to be inclusive. If cost is an issue, please reach out.

Mothers take care of their children. We take care of the mothers.

From: 11/15/2019 - To: 11/17/2019

All day event

Orange, California, United States of America

Featured Speakers

Cristol Barrett O'Loughlin
Founder & CEO, ANGEL AID
From a fairytale family to losing three brothers to MPS disease, maternal advocate Cristol Barrett O’Loughlin draws on personal tragedy to ease the suffering hearts of others. Her inspiring stories reveal the secrets to sustainable self-care and wellness amidst the realities of long-term caregiving. There is a purpose to our pain. With guided meditations and her signature infectious enthusiasm, Cristol gently nudges us all to move beyond “Why me?” into “What can I do to help others?” Professionally, Cristol is a seasoned executive and storyteller. A former UCLA instructor, she co-founded advertising firm, The Craftsman Agency, and is humbled to advise global brands: NBA, Disney, Fox, Cisco Systems and Google. During her tenure at IBM Life Sciences, she helped accelerate advancements in cheminformatics and biotechnology. As Founder & CEO of ANGEL AID CARES, Cristol is fiercely passionate about providing social, emotional, physical and financial relief to mothers of children with rare disease.
Dr. Laura Riordan
Holistic Life Coach
Laura Riordan is a holistic life coach who helps her clients find balance and meaningful success. With a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and 20 years in the mind and body wellness industry, she brings wisdom, clarity, and swiftness to her coaching practice. Laura began her career as the head of client services for retreat style resorts. She discovered that retreats were great at providing short-term relief, but they could not offer the kind of long-standing change that so many people need. Laura leverages her Ph.D. to help clients identify their meaningful work, ground aha moments and give accountability and infrastructure to make lasting changes. ANGEL AID has licensed Laura's Sustainable Mom workshop series which has been adapted to address the unique considerations of long-term caregiving and rare mothers.