Neha Gondra

Hello families!

We are the Mission San Jose Students for Rare Diseases club, a chapter of the National Organization for Rare Disorders in Fremont, CA! Our club’s mission is to fight for advocacy in the rare disease community and to help others through service and compassion. We have recently opened up sign-ups for the Full Hearts Program, an enrichment program open to all children where high school students will offer educational mentorship over Zoom. Patients can attend free zoom classes consisting of storytelling, arts and crafts, STEM/Humanities, music, and many more! Classes will last up to one hour and patients will be able to choose which to attend that appeals best to their interests. Each of our classes is meant to be engaging and fun for children, to combat the isolation that many children are facing, especially due to the pandemic. We have exceptionally talented and skilled high school volunteers that are dedicated to teaching classes in arts or dance, for example, or read stories to young children! We have a rigorous process in selecting the volunteers, and each volunteer will be trained prior to working with children. We have options for a group setting with mentor volunteers or one-on-one sessions and timings are flexible for one-on-one settings! Classes will typically be weekly. If you and your child are interested in signing up for any of your live Zoom classes, please fill out the form below!

From: 01/28/2021 - To: 10/02/2021

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