Xia-Gibbs Society

The 3rd annual Xia-Gibbs Syndrome (XGS) Awareness Week is here! Our aim is to raise $20,000 towards funding our programs, including continued research into XGS.

For anyone new to XGS, it is a rare, recently discovered genetic disorder. From birth, symptoms typically include poor muscle tone, breathing difficulties and global developmental delay. This is usually followed by intellectual disability, and individuals may also experience seizures, scoliosis and symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. XGS profoundly affects the lives of people with the syndrome and their families.

The Xia-Gibbs Society has already part funded a research project through HGSC at Baylor College of Medicine to develop the patient registry, to help better understand the syndrome. But much more work is still needed! Please help us reach our fundraising goal and help spread awareness about XGS.

From: 09/12/2021 - To: 09/19/2021

All day event

Virtual Event: