Traveling Awareness Teddy Bears Comfort Children Through Treatments

The Traveling Awareness Bears were founded in 2010 by a 7-year-old boy named Elijah who wanted to raise awareness about Pediatric Stroke, something he himself survived.

He began sending his teddy bears, Pat and Patricia, dressed in awareness T-shirts, DAFOs and awareness bracelets, along with journals and passports, to children just like him. A year later, the organization grew to include all medical conditions affecting children and became a 501c3 non-profit organization. There are two bears for every medical condition (we are always adding new ones) and each bear has medical equipment unique to its condition. The bears travel the world, visiting children for a week in their home where they can see through the bear journals, entries of other children who are just like them. It helps children see they are not the only ones and also helps some children to teach their peers about themselves at school. Bears have also participated in EEG’s, breathing treatments, therapies, etc alongside the children they visit.

Our mission is to spread awareness around the world about different disabilities, disorders, syndromes, etc., while providing love and encouragement for children. To help children not only feel more comfortable about their “differences,” but to show them that they are not alone with those “differences.”

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