Brad Margus

Co-Founder and CEO, Cerevance



Brad Margus is co-founder and CEO of Cerevance, a new drug discovery company focused on brain diseases with sites in Massachusetts and the United Kingdom. In 2013, Margus started Genome Bridge, a non-profit subsidiary of the Broad Institute of Harvard and M.I.T., to build a computational platform for sharing genomic and clinical data. He previously co-founded Envoy Therapeutics in 2009, serving as Chief Executive Officer prior to its acquisition by Takeda in 2012. Earlier, Mr. Margus co-founded Perlegen Sciences and served as its Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Concurrent with his business career, for the last 20 years, Margus has worked as founder and volunteer President of the A-T Children’s Project, a non-profit that orchestrates research on a rare, brutal, genetic disease — ataxia telangiectasia or “A-T” — that two of his sons have. A-T causes neurodegeneration, cancer and immune system problems.

Margus also currently serves on the Boards of two cancer companies (Arvinas and Presage Biosciences) and a microbiome company (Second Genome). He is also a member of two National Institutes of Health committees: the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences Advisory Council and the Cure Acceleration Network Review Board.