Living Therapies for Chronic Conditions

April 17, 2020


There are a number of rare disease where a genetic mutation results in the deficiency of an enzyme or other critical protein that can lead to a progressive or life-threatening condition. Patients have been treated with the chronic administration of recombinant versions of the proteins they lack. While this provides benefit, it requires regular infusions or self-administered shots, is costly, and disruptive. Sigilon is developing what it calls “Shielded Living Therapeutics,” encased cells that can be implanted to provide steady levels of the protein a patient lacks and free them from the need for constant administration of these biologics. We spoke to Rogerio Vivaldi, president and CEO of Sigilon Therapeutics, about the company’s living therapeutics, how it’s able to protect these cells from attack from the immune system, and how they function once inside the body.


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