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4P-Pharma and Delta Collaborate on Therapies for Rare Autoimmune Chronic Liver Disease

June 2, 2022

French biotech 4P-Pharma and Austria’s Delta 4 entered into a collaboration to identify and develop first-in-class drug candidates for a rare autoimmune chronic liver disease for which currently no effective curative treatment is available.

Under the agreement, Delta 4 will apply its proprietary computational and iterative big data analytics platform to identify novel therapeutic targets and signaling pathways as well as drug candidates for a rare autoimmune chronic liver disease. The companies did not name the disease.

Based on the results provided by Delta 4, 4P-Pharma will structure a tailored R&D maturation program with the focus to further characterize these candidates to demonstrate their potential for improving the treatment. Together, Delta 4’s and 4P-Pharma’s teams aim to bring an innovative drug candidate to patients affected by this rare disease.

“4P-Pharma aims to bring breakthrough curative solutions with a strong scientific rationale to patients”, said Revital Rattenbach, CEO of 4P-Pharma. “With this partnership, we will benefit from Delta 4’s AI proprietary computational analytics platform to identify breakthrough drug candidates. Combined with our drug development expertise, together we will accelerate the identification of drug candidates for patients affected by this rare liver disease. It underlines our shared commitment to bring breakthrough solutions to patients.”

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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