Blog for Rare, a success and follow-up!

Feedback so far from Blog for Rare (I can’t resist a kind word):

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity – Love this! (Tanya Lachance)

Looks great, thanks Catherine! (Yolaine Dupont)

Thanks! This has been on my To Do list for 4 days. ‘Glad I got it DONE! (Hug Your Kids Today)

(Elizabeth Joshi commented on your link): “Enjoyed reading this!”

(Gina Gareau-Clark commented on your link): “that came out great, Catherine! Proud to be a part of it!”


This week has been amazing with more bloggers joining the campaign, a blog for rare post featured on Huffington Post, kids wearing jeans at schools across the USA, a World Rare Disease Day Tweetup (thank you @specteams), Dr. Geeta Nayyar on ABC News in Washington, DC talking with Dave Lucas about World Rare Disease Day (and reminding everyone to wear jeans on Sunday!), and we even have Patrick Guelfo running the Rock N’ Roll Marathon tomorrow in New Orleans wearing a jeans ribbon!

Get clicking – here are several more great links just in time for February 28, 2010.

Emil’s Blog (Kakkis Everylife)

Harvesting Hope from Heartache

Tweetup Chat

Jacob’s Prayer

Juliette Terzieff

RSS/SGA Support Blog

Addi & Cassi Fund

I Am Especially Fond of You

Abernathy Malformation

ePatients (ePatient Dave)

Comfort in the Midst of Chaos


Common Kindness & Huffington Post

Johan (Living with Rare Disease)

Aspiring Mama

National Lab Day

An Excellent Article (Touches on Rare Disease)

A Twitter Conversation (Funny, Science Broadly)


Bloggers, please stay tuned for future campaigns

– and my gift to you:

I Blog for Rare Badge

Please post this badge proudly – couldn’t have done a thing without all of your help!

Catherine Calhoun

P.S. Please post pictures of jeans and jeans ribbons to the Global Genes Project Facebook Page.

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