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Ciitizen and RARE-X Form Collaboration

May 19, 2021

Healthcare technology company Ciitizen said it entered into a collaboration with the rare disease patient data platform RARE-X to allow RARE-X patients to seamlessly use Ciitizen’s technology to gather health records for inclusion in natural history studies.

Photo: Nasha Fitter, director of rare and neurological diseases at Ciitizen

RARE-X said it selected Ciitizen as a key partner to supplement patient-reported outcomes data to create rich natural history studies for rare disease groups.

Ciitizen helps patients get control of their medical records to access and find better treatment options including participation in research and finding clinical trials.

After collecting the patient’s electronic health data, Ciitizen will use its proprietary machine learning platform to turn their largely unstructured health records into computable, regulatory-grade, research-ready data. A pilot integration is underway this year for specific groups on the RARE-X platform.

“It is daunting for caregivers and patients of ultra-rare diseases to take on the heavy task of finding a cure. Biotech companies are not investing in these diseases without a lot of de-risking, and that burden falls on afflicted families. This includes patient data collection, basic science and drug development,” said Nasha Fitter, director of rare and neurological diseases at Ciitizen. “The collaboration between Ciitizen and RARE-X is a major step to make the process of building natural history studies easy for these groups.”

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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