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Evotec and Novo Nordisk Launch LAB eN² to Accelerate Translation in Cardiometabolic Diseases

September 27, 2023

Rare Daily Staff

Evotec and Novo Nordisk announced the launch of LAB eN², a translational drug discovery accelerator that aims to nurture early research from academic institutions into novel therapeutics.

The accelerator will focus on addressing unmet need in cardiometabolic diseases as well as rare blood and rare endocrine disorders. LAB eN² is an engagement model that combines Evotec’s multimodality drug discovery and pre-clinical development capabilities with Novo Nordisk’s therapeutic, clinical, and commercial expertise, and has already signed on four academic institutions to participate: Harvard University, Mass General Brigham, Yale University, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

While the need for new therapeutics is significant, the journey from academic idea to treatments for people living with chronic conditions is a long process that requires drug discovery and development capabilities and expertise as well as large investments of time, resources, and funding that can be difficult to acquire. LAB eN² was created to provide a solution-focused pathway for academic researchers, with a mission to accelerate the translation of their academic discoveries into investigational new drug candidates for cardiometabolic diseases as well as rare blood and rare endocrine disorders. LAB eN² will provide funding, scientific expertise, and technology to help advance product concepts through pre-clinical proof of concept, at which point successful therapeutic product candidates may be selected by Novo Nordisk for further investment and development.

“At Novo Nordisk, we are always looking for what is next in disruptive science. Many great ideas are started in academia, but translational research and moving the idea to the next stage remains a challenge,” said Uli Stilz, Head of Novo Nordisk’s Bio Innovation Hub in Boston. “With the launch of LAB eN² and our collaboration with these institutions, there is a tremendous opportunity to address this longstanding gap and help move innovative science forward and seek to make a significant impact on people living with chronic conditions.”

Participating academic institutions will work under a common governance framework that was established in discussions with the institutions Harvard University, Mass General Brigham, and Yale University with the goal of accelerating ideas easily. Research concepts will be selected for LAB eN² support based on proposals from investigators at the participating academic institutions and will be jointly developed and executed by the academic investigators, Evotec, and Novo Nordisk’s Bio Innovation Hub in Cambridge, Massachusetts, an R&D unit designed to work with academia, emerging biotechs, and established companies to uncover medical answers.

Photo: Uli Stilz, Head of Novo Nordisk’s Bio Innovation Hub in Boston

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