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FDNA Launches Telehealth AI Telegenetics Platform

February 18, 2021

Rare Daily Staff

FDNA, the developer of a diagnostic platform that uses facial recognition to identify people with rare conditions, said it has launched FDNA Telehealth, a telegenetics platform to connect parents and families to faster, more accurate genetic analysis from the comfort of their own home.

Since its founding in 2011, FDNA has helped clinicians, researchers, and genetic testing labs find answers for patients living with a rare disease. FDNA’s next-generation phenotyping technology is currently being used by 70 percent of the world’s geneticists in more than 130 countries. Having been used to help more than 250,000 patients and their families understand more about their genomic makeup, FDNA Telehealth brings this analysis to help patients in a non-clinical setting and enable patients and their families to access the technology directly.

FDNA Telehealth’s advanced AI platform screens an image of a face for genetic syndromes markers (and unique facial features associated with specific genetic syndromes, such as widely-spaced eyes/hypertelorism) and provides a report with potential syndrome-matches for a geneticist to review.

Once a report is generated, the patient is connected with one of FDNA Telehealth’s genetic counselors and geneticists from its network of more than 7,500 worldwide.

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