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Healthcare at Home Launches Business to Connect BioPharmas to Rare Disease Patients in Europe

November 10, 2020

Rare Daily Staff

Healthcare at Home said it has launched Sciensus Rare, a new business to ensure rare disease patients and their families have access to medicines and care they need while helping biopharmaceutical companies launch and deliver vital medication, no matter where a patient lives or the regulatory governance of that country.

The company said it will help emerging, mid-sized, and major biopharmaceutical companies gain market access in Europe and beyond, expanding Healthcare at Home’s existing rare disease and orphan medicines services geographically and by therapy area, across five main services including clinical trials in the home, medicines access, bespoke supply chain management, patient and family support, and outcome monitoring in the home.

The market for rare disease pharmaceutical medicines services is expected to more than double in size over the next few years, growing to $3.9 billion (€3.3 B) in 2025 from $1.9 billion (€1.6B) in 2018, as the number of products requiring more complex services to support them grows, according to Eurostat. Sciensus Rare expects to address the growing demand by creating an approach to help biopharmaceutical partners reduce the time to market for innovative, high-cost, new medicines by helping to eliminate unnecessary costs and inefficiencies in the drug development process.

“The global pandemic has accelerated the need for bespoke patient-centered services that are required for products in drug development and commercial phases as many rare disease patients can’t or won’t travel long distances to take part in clinical trials away from home,” said Gareth Williams, president of Sciensus Rare said. “Our aim is to help emerging biotech firms that have a strong presence in their home market but little or no international distribution or commercial infrastructure, as well as the established pharma companies seeking access to treatment for patients with unmet needs.”

Sciensus Rare’s services build on Healthcare at Home’s three decades of experience in treating rare disease patients. In that time, the business has treated more than 52,000 patients at home and collaborated with more than 20 rare disease pharmaceutical companies and over 4,000 healthcare providers in mainland Europe.

Photo: Gareth Williams, president of Sciensus Rare

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