How Can You Prevent a Seizure From Happening?

Our first post gave information on the definition of epilepsy and “What To Do If Someone Has a Seizure,” so next you may be wondering can it be prevented? At present, the only way of preventing epilepsy is by reducing risks from things that damage the brain. Research may one day provide ways to identify people at risk of seizures and to prevent epilepsy before it begins.

Since the cause of epilepsy is still unknown, it can’t be fully prevented, but the seizures associated with epilepsy can be, and here are a few of those methods used by parents and individuals with epilepsy for seizure prevention:

1. Seizure Medications: Children and/or individuals with epilepsy can gain control of their seizures with regular use of seizure-preventing medicines. These medicines have to be taken from one to four times a day– depending on what is prescribed in their treatment regimen by the neurologist/epileptologist. Successful treatment depends on keeping a steady level of medication in the blood at all times, so it is important that doses not be missed or given late. One thing to keep in mind is that medications work differently for each individual and/or child. What works for some may not for others, and there is no quick fix when it comes to epilepsy.

2. Ketogenic Diet: The ketogenic diet is one of the oldest treatments for epilepsy. It is intended to maintain the starvation or fasting metabolism over a long period of time. When the body is in a fasting state, it creates ketones, a by-product of fat-burning metabolism. It has long been recognized that seizures often lessen or disappear during periods of fasting in some individuals with epilepsy.

The diet is very high in fat and low in carbohydrates. When fat is the primary source of calories, ketones are formed. The diet must be followed very strictly and requires a significant commitment to work effectively. Children on the diet often will not gain weight or grow much during the time the diet is in use. After that, however, growth is expected and should be carefully monitored.

The diet is typically started with a period of fasting lasting until the body produces a moderate to large amount of ketones. This initiation period usually takes place in the hospital, so that the individual can be monitored for potential side effects such as vomiting, low blood sugar, dehydration and seizures. Medications may also be adjusted during this period to prevent sedation (the tranquilizing effect of medications), another common side effect.

A two-month trial period is suggested for deciding whether the diet is effective. If effective, it is typically continued for two years. During this time, individuals are often able to lessen the amount of medication they take for seizures. Many children seem happier and more alert on the diet, even before medication is significantly lessened. People on a ketogenic diet should be monitored by a dietician, nurse and doctor particularly a neurologist familiar with its use. Specialized epilepsy clinics are available to monitor a person on this diet.

3. VNS Therapy (Vagus Nerve Stimulator): VNS therapy is not brain surgery. VNS therapy involves a minimally invasive procedure, which is typically performed under general anesthesia by a surgeon. The procedure takes approximately one hour, and patients usually go home the same day. Typically, two small incisions are made— one in a natural crease on the left side of the neck and one in the left chest area, below the collarbone. The generator is typically placed under the skin in the left chest area. A thin, flexible wire connects the generator to the left vagus nerve in the neck. The small scars from the two incisions typically fade over time and become minimally noticeable for many people. Another procedure is required to replace the generator once the battery is depleted. This procedure requires only one incision and usually takes less than an hour. The VNS therapy procedure is completely reversible.

For those who benefit from VNS therapy, it has been clinically proven to reduce the number and intensity of seizures and, in some cases, to completely eliminate seizures. Studies show that, unlike a medication, the effects of VNS therapy may take between a few months to one or two years to reach optimum levels. The positive effects of VNS therapy are long-lasting, typically do not decline, and may, in fact, improve over time. In addition, many patients using VNS therapy have also reported improvements in mood, increased alertness and enhanced memory. Furthermore, physicians have confirmed that some patients have been able to reduce the quantity and/or doses of medication over time. Many patients using VNS therapy no longer have to make as many visits to the hospital. VNS therapy is an added treatment to your current medications. It is not a replacement for them.

For more information please, go to the Epileps Warriors Foundation website.

About Susan Noble and the Epilepsy Warriors

As President and Founder of the Epilepsy Warriors, Susan Noble is striving to reach as many people within the local communities to help educate and bring an end to the stigma of epilepsy. It takes team work. It involves supporting each other in all efforts. It means showing the world that epilepsy is worth researching, fighting for and funding. We are all fighting for a CURE for our children and those “living with epilepsy” every day. We are a new foundation– one with a passionate vision. This vision will light our path and guide us towards our goals of “enlightening, empowering and curing.”
Susan and her family reside in Fort Myers, Florida otherwise known as her little slice of paradise.

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Global Genes Comments

  1. Hello everyone, when I came down with epilepsy I was 19 years old and now I am 64. I have taken almost every drug known to god and am pretty much under control most of the time. Last night and the night before I have had seizures lately. The one thing that brings me out of them is more night time dosage of pills and a half of a 10 mil Valium. It seems to work for me because when I used to go to the hospital and spend thousands of dollars that was the drug they gave me to bring me out of them. Works for me every time.

  2. ali sydney says:

    email dr.lawson52@ gmail. com. I’m so grateful that he was able to SURVIVE it.

  3. ali sydney says:

    My son is 5 years old. He suffered from myoclonic seizure for over a year, uncontrollably with meds. When he has one it starts where he rolls his eyes back or his eyes are staring off to nowhere, seeing he arms jerk every single night His breathing gets very shallow and his heart rate speeds up, now his not sleeping. I don’t think there’s any changing he started experiencing one horrible serious side effect of the medicine. I could not get an appointment with a neurologist for 5 weeks. I was filled with worry. Thank God for a wonderful doctor, i read a testimonial of someone on a website her daughter was cure from seizure using herbal medicine. I called the number that was retain at the website, i explain to doctor Lawson about my son symptom and I ordered his medicine. my son used the medicine for month now, his health has change the meds worked without any trace of side effects. For over 1 year now seizure free if you don’t have this herbal product it is available. It works, wonderfully.

    • Hey Ali Can U Point Me To That Herbal Medication .. My BoyFriend Have Them .. I Just Want Them Gone. I Pray Over Him EveryNight .

  4. My daughter is 19 year old she has her first seizure when she was 18 it was started when she fainted in the shower room, after that her seizure repeatedly 1 or 2 times every month, brought her to a neurologist, she had an MRI on her brain and the result is normal, she had EEG and the neurologist said the wave is in border line , the doctor prescribed Zonisamide 100mg 1capsule/day, she’s been taking this medication for 5 months now but there’s no improvement she still have seizure every month, please I need a good advice, as a mother I’m really worried for my daughter.

  5. CBD OIL!!!!!

  6. Helen letshedi says:

    Hi my boy he is 18 years now he got an epilepsy since from 2 years till now how can I help him

  7. hey guys my epileptic attacks don’t want to stop Iam still getting it every month once or twice. I am even can stop smoking ciggarates now. it’s been following me now very long almost 4 years this sickness

  8. Francesca Mcniel says:

    How my daughter was saved from grand mal seizure.
    I am not really a fan of sharing my personal private story on the internet but i decided to do this because this joy is too voluminous for me to hide. My daughter which i took over 8 years after marriage to conceive had her first seizure at age 6 and ever since then it has been from one seizure to another in school, in church, at picnics. This got me worried because she has a bright future that i do not want epilepsy to become a hindrance, i tried several doctors in Texas and none could help with an effective cure. I went on the internet and saw testimonies about a treatment for epilepsy which a doctor offered and i was interested, i got in contact with him and i was able to get the medicine for my daughter which she used for 3 months as he instructed and it has been over 6 months now she is doing just fine without any allergies or aftermath effects. If you are suffering problem try to reach him too on (josephalberteo @ gmail. com) i can count on him for a cure for you too.

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