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Jaguar Gene Therapy Announces State-of-the-Art Gene Therapy Commercial Manufacturing Facility in North Carolina

October 29, 2021

Jaguar Gene Therapy said it plans to establish a 174,000 commercial manufacturing facility in Durham, North Carolina about 20 miles from Jaguar’s existing Process Sciences Laboratory in Cary, North Carolina.

Photo: Joe Nolan, CEO of Jaguar Gene Therapy

The facility, once fully converted to Jaguar’s gene therapy manufacturing specifications, will support future clinical and commercial production of the company’s initial programs including: galactosemia; a specific genetic cause of autism; and Type 1 diabetes. Jaguar is expected to create at least 200 jobs over the next several years as part of this expansion.

The company will continue existing contract development manufacturing organization partnerships and consider adding to their third-party network as needed to ensure dual sourcing and uninterrupted supply.

“We believe there is significant value in owning the capability to manufacture multiple gene therapies from process development to commercial GMP scale,” said Joe Nolan, CEO of Jaguar Gene Therapy. “This strategic investment will leverage the team’s proven CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls) expertise and may enable Jaguar to potentially accelerate development timelines and bring our therapies to patients and families as safely and as rapidly as possible.”

At the commercial manufacturing facility in North Carolina, Jaguar said it plans to use the latest technologies and purification techniques to increase product yields while reducing product impurities.

Jaguar will receive more than $7 million in state and local incentives as it expands into North Carolina, including a Job Development Investment Grant that will provide more than $2 million in funding over 12 years. North Carolina Biotechnology Center will provide a $100,000 partnership development grant, awarded over three years based on job creation. Jaguar will also receive approximately $5 million in incentives from additional state and local organizations. The company will invest more than $125 million in the new commercial manufacturing facility. Jaguar’s new manufacturing facility is owned and operated by Alexandria Real Estate Equities.

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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