Looking for Other Patients with Cold Urticaria (Cold Contact Urticaria)

My name is Claire. I live in Cincinnati, OH.

I found out i have a disease called Cold Urticaria (CU or Cold Contact Urticaria.) I found out that I had it about 4 years after my symptoms started showing up. I first noticed my hives when i went swimming in a pool for the first time in years.

I got light headed, hives all over my body, and my body burned. I can’t eat ice cream, can’t drink cold drinks, i can’t even help my mom bring the milk in from the car because it’s to cold.

I have to stay away from anything cold and living in Cincinnati makes it pretty hard. There is one foundation for this disease and it has really helped me but we need to get the word out because every medication the doctors have put me on, so far, don’t work.

I’ve had this disease for about 16 years. I hate living in fear. Knowing that i could die just from walking in a building with air conditioning scares me. I’m only 18 and I don’t want to live in fear from day in and day out. We need help.

Do you have Cold Urticaria (CU or Cold Contact Urticaria)? Make sure to leave a comment to connect!

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Global Genes Comments

  1. My son which is 8 yrs old and is coming up with this now. It all started following his seasonal flu vaccine. It is now three months since and I find that it flairs up when he goes from warm ambient to colder especially when its also windy.

  2. Hi Claire. My entire life I’ve had merely a sensitivity to cold, but never CU until a car accident back in 2014 when I got a herniated disc in my neck. Now, anything below the neck suffers from CU. I hate living in the NE now. I’m longing for warmer climates. 🙁

  3. Hi there! Im 32. I’ve got acquired cold urticaria as well. I live in southern nh. I mysteriously enough, developed the symptoms roughly a week after an annual physical. The physical included receiving a MMR booster and my first (out of 3) Hep B vaccine on 7/22/97. I was 12 years old then. And, about a week after my appointment I went swimming at Hampton Beach NH with my family which we did frequently during the summer. When I got out of the water and wrapped up in a towel, my entire body became SO ITCHY and covered in hives. Life has never been the same. And, unfortunately, by the time dots were connected by my parents… there was nothing we could do legally, that would allow documentation that my cold urticaria was an adverse reaction from the vaccines.

  4. HI! I have been living with CU since i was 5. I just figured out what was causing it. I’m serious i found out yesterday.

  5. Hello! I have been living with CU since I was around seven years old. I am now 32 and my five year old daughter was recently diagnosed as well. Best wishes to you!

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