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Moma Enters Five-Year Cancer Discovery Collaboration with Roche

January 4, 2024

Rare Daily Staff

Moma Therapeutics has entered into a strategic collaboration and licensing agreement with Roche that gives the biotech giant access to Moma’s proprietary KnowledgeBase platform for the identification and pursuit of a number of novel drug targets involved in promoting cancer cell growth and survival.

Moma’s KnowledgeBase comprises integrated structure-function capabilities, advanced lead-finding technologies and computation-enabled lead optimization.

Roche will pay Moma an upfront payment of $66 million. Moma is also eligible to receive discovery, development, and commercialization milestone payments potentially exceeding $2 billion, as well as tiered royalties.

Moma will be primarily responsible for all activities for selected targets through to development candidate confirmation. Roche will be responsible for IND-enabling activities and clinical development and commercialization. Additionally, if multiple collaboration assets reach pivotal clinical studies, Moma will receive a right to co-fund late-stage development of one product in exchange for increased royalties in the U.S. on this product.

“Given its deep expertise and global footprint in oncology, Roche represents an ideal collaborator with whom to further advance the application of Moma’s platform in a way that impacts patients’ lives,” said Asit Parikh, CEO of Moma. “The vision for this collaboration was crafted jointly with Roche to enable each party to bring its strengths in pursuit of this shared goal. It also contributes to the long-term sustainability of Moma’s core focus as we advance our rich pipeline of precision oncology programs to the clinic.”

Photo: Asit Parikh, CEO of Moma

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