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MyOme Secures $23 Million to Deliver Clinical Whole Genome Insights to Help Families Manage Risk for Inherited Diseases

June 21, 2022

Clinical whole genome platform analysis company MyOme raised $23 million in an oversubscribed series B financing round to begin commercialization of its technology and clinical reports to health systems to help families understand and manage their risk for inherited disease.

Healthcare Venture Partners led the financing, bringing the total raised by the company to more than $36 million.

“Through whole genome analysis, MyOme will address the large market of predominantly healthy individuals who have known disease susceptibility in their family that can be preventatively managed or better cared for today with genetic insights, but who don’t have a known rare genetic mutation,” said Premal Shah, CEO of MyOme. “Moving forward, the whole genome backbone enables the delivery of future genomic reports on-demand for a lifetime of insights.”

MyOme recently presented new data at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting on the performance of an enhanced cross-ancestry polygenic risk score (PRS) to improve breast cancer risk assessment for women across multiple ethnicities. These advanced technologies can be broadly applied across many diseases. MyOme also published data in Nature Medicine on their clinical study using whole genome reconstruction for application of PRS to in vitro fertilization across cancers and cardiac, metabolic, and autoimmune diseases.

“The power of the whole genome has not yet been fully realized,” said Matthew Rabinowitz, co-founder and chairman of MyOme. “Most common disease is not caused by single genes, but by an interaction of many genes and the environment. Whole genome analysis and PRS technologies are accelerating and will play an increasingly crucial role in healthcare. MyOme is at the forefront of developing clinical applications to support families of all ethnicities.”

Photos: Premal Shah, CEO of MyOme

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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