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n-Lorem Exceeds Fundraising Goals Three Years in a Row

October 19, 2022

n-Lorem, a nonprofit foundation with a mission to discover and develop personalized experimental antisense oligonucleotide medicines for populations of 1 to 30 patients worldwide for free for life, said that it has more than $17 million in committed cash in 2022, surpassing its $8 million fundraising goal.

Photo: Stanley Crooke, founder, chairman and CEO of n-Lorem Foundation

It is the third year in a row that the foundation exceeded fundraising goals and increased donor support year over year.

“The tremendous need for n-Lorem has greatly exceeded our expectations. It is now clear that there are many more nano-rare patients than we projected. As we bring hope and potential help to these patients, many more find n-Lorem,” said Stanley Crooke, founder, chairman and CEO of n-Lorem Foundation. “While we are extremely appreciative of our supporters, we need more help, more donors, more support to meet a growing demand. We are continually exploring ways to increase our capacity for research and development, bring in more funding and create processes that ensure the highest quality at each and every step while scaling up to meet the growing demand for treatment.”

Many companies involved in the drug discovery, development, and manufacturing industry are substantial supporters of n-Lorem. To date, n-Lorem has partnered with more than 30 companies, all of whom share n-Lorem’s mission to provide help to the patients who need it the most today. Each partner is providing in-kind or monetary support and brings a team of dedicated employees who are committed to providing the highest quality at every step in the process. With more than 70 patients accepted into its program, n-Lorem and its partners work together to discover, develop, and provide a personalized medicine that has been designed and optimized for a single patient.

To date, n-Lorem has more than 75 donors and supporters helping a nano-rare patient. This year, n-Lorem added four new major donors that support n-Lorem’s efforts in particular disease areas. They include the Silence ALS initiative between n-Lorem and Columbia University focused on nano-rare ALS patients, which was supported by an initial funding donation of $400,000 by Target ALS; the Wolverine Foundation and n-Lorem partnership to expedite research and ASO discovery for allele-specific gene targets associated with neurodevelopmental disease for which n-Lorem received $3 million and could receive an additional $5.5 million as the collaboration proceeds and research targets are achieved; Solve FSHD and an anonymous donor who provided n-Lorem more than $1.7 million to support n-Lorem’s work on expanding the understanding of FSHD2, a rare form of muscular dystrophy; and an anonymous donor who pledged $8.5 million to support n-Lorem’s discovery and development efforts to provide experimental ASOs for eight different nano-rare patients.

“What n-Lorem has done in less than three years is remarkable. It is evident that n-Lorem’s charitable approach can be sustainable, which is exceptional news for nano-rare patients today,” said Michael Hayden, Killam professor of Medical Genetics at University of British Columbia and board director at n-Lorem.

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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