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Resilience Approved for $410 Million Loan from the Department of Defense to Establish Resilient Biomanufacturing Capacity

March 28, 2023

Rare Daily Staff

National Resilience, a biomanufacturing company dedicated to broadening access to complex medicines, said it has signed a finance agreement for $410 million in long-term loan financing from the U.S. Department of Defense working with the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation.

The loan financing will support Resilience’s mission to establish significant domestic, end-to-end biomanufacturing capacity and capabilities for biologics (antibodies, proteins, multi-specifics), vaccines, and nucleic acids (including mRNA). This expanded capacity, together with existing technology and capabilities across Resilience’s biomanufacturing network, will help secure the nation’s supply chain for vaccines and critical medicines, bolster pandemic preparedness and response, and help address a critical advanced manufacturing infrastructure shortage revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of the financing will support the implementation of innovative manufacturing platforms and technologies that aim to reduce cost, strengthen the domestic supply chain, and increase the speed of vaccine supply.

The long-term financing also strengthens Resilience’s ability to deliver the highest quality products to patients and to the 50-plus commercial customers that utilize its nearly two million square feet of end-to-end drug development capacity and solutions that span process and analytical development and GMP biomanufacturing across multiple therapeutic modalities. With this support, Resilience will be able to manufacture a billion doses of vaccines within its manufacturing network in the United States and will continue to partner with biotech and biopharma innovators across the drug development life cycle.

“This partnership is one of the many ways we are developing a more vibrant biopharmaceutical manufacturing ecosystem to keep pace with new scientific advancements and produce novel, safe, life-saving discoveries quickly and at scale to benefit the nation,” said Rahul Singhvi, CEO of Resilience.

Resilience ‘s flexible business model enables it to partner with customers of any size and across therapeutic modalities, through fee-for-service arrangements, value-share agreements, and new company creation/incubation projects. The company also provides opportunities for early access and out-licensing of next-generation technologies. Beyond industry customers and partners, Resilience works with government agencies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations.

Photo: Rahul Singhvi, CEO of Resilience

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