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Solid Biosciences Enters Research Collaboration with Phlox to Develop Therapies for Rare Cardiac Diseases

January 12, 2023

Solid Biosciences has entered into a research collaboration with Phlox Therapeutics focused on genetic cardiac diseases. The research collaboration will develop novel precision genetic medicines to target a severe form of genetic dilated cardiomyopathy for which there is currently a significant unmet need for effective treatments.

Photo: Yigal Pinto, chief medical officer of Phlox Therapeutics

The strategic collaboration will integrate Solid Biosciences’ vector biology, manufacturing capabilities, and drug development experience with Phlox’s deep expertise in genetic cardiomyopathies and RNA therapeutics.

“This collaboration is designed to accelerate the development of solutions for many of my patients who struggle with a cardiomyopathy for which there are no disease-modifying therapies,” said Yigal Pinto, chief medical officer of Phlox Therapeutics. “We believe the advanced RNA technology and human disease models of Phlox Therapeutics perfectly partner with the delivery tools Solid Biosciences brings to this collaboration.”

The strategic research collaboration will also be supported in part by a grant from the Dutch Top Sector Life Sciences and Health, a coalition that fosters public-private research and development partnerships that aim to develop innovative healthcare products and services.

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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