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Termeer Foundation Names Global Genes’ Son Rigby as Its 2024 Termeer Scholar

June 7, 2024

Rare Daily Staff

The Termeer Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on connecting life science innovators, named Global Genes CEO Charlene Son Rigby as the 2024 Termeer Scholar.

The Termeer Scholar Award is given to academics and non-profit leaders who are passionate about creating change for patients, are people-focused, and are looking to translate their early-stage ideas into real-world applications.

The Termeer Foundation said Son Rigby has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between data, technology, and the life sciences, with a focus on generating real-world impact for patients with rare genetic diseases.

“Son Rigby’s commitment to rare genetic diseases stems from her daughter’s diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder,” the Termeer Foundation said. “As CEO of Global Genes, Son Rigby has set ambitious goals for the RARE-X research program to enhance data-driven approaches that accelerate the development of treatments for rare diseases globally.”

The Award supports individuals with the intention of solving the biggest problems in human health. Termeer Scholars receive a grant to support professional development, knowledge advancement, and/or stakeholder engagement. They also have access to the Termeer Foundation’s leadership programming encompassing professional development, coaching, mentoring, and network building.

Global Genes is publisher of Rare Daily.

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