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The Wolverine Foundation Enters $3 Million Collaboration with n-Lorem for Development of Nano-Rare Therapies

April 21, 2022

The nonprofit n-Lorem Foundation said that The Wolverine Foundation has made a donation of $3 million to support n-Lorem’s efforts to discover and provide experimental antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) medicines for nano-rare patients for free, for life.

The Wolverine Foundation serves to advance research and discover novel therapeutic approaches to treat the neurodevelopmental disease caused by genetic variations in the gene MAPK8IP3. The Foundation aims to accomplish these goals by supporting a team of researchers to investigate disease mechanisms and novel therapeutic approaches associated with MAPK8IP3 genetic variants.

As part of the collaboration, The Wolverine Foundation and its assembled team of scientists and researchers will work with n-Lorem to expedite research and ASO discovery for allele-specific gene targets associated with neurodevelopmental diseases.

As the collaboration proceeds and research targets are achieved, n-Lorem could receive donations totaling up to $8.5 million to support the development of experimental ASO medicines.

“Testing the effect of various allele-specific knockdown ASOs at the n-Lorem lab could open doors to better treatment options for patients.,” Wolverine Foundation members Rory Cunnane and Caroline Breed Cunnane said.

The Wolverine Foundation manages a diverse portfolio of research projects that encourages scientific collaboration to more directly connect academic research, drug discovery and clinical development. The Foundation’s activities extend from exploratory biology to the identification and validation of therapeutic targets, and from drug discovery and development to clinical studies and trials.

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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