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TMA Precision Health and Dante Genomics Partner to Help Children with Rare Diseases through Clinical WGS solutions

September 9, 2022

Dante Genomics has entered a partnership with TMA Precision Health to offer clinical whole genome sequencing to rare disease patients as the first step in diagnosing and treating disease with more personalized medicine.

Photo: Joshua Resnikoff, CEO and co-founder of TMA Precision Health

“The simple act of providing a whole genome sequence is likely the single most important piece of healthcare for a patient with a rare disease, and no child or family should have to needlessly suffer because they can’t afford it,” said Joshua Resnikoff, CEO and co-founder of TMA Precision Health. “Our mission is to bring this service to those that need it most.”

Dante Genomics will provide 30X whole genome sequencing, clinical interpretation and personalized genomic reports to TMA’s patient network of more than 3.5 million people living with rare diseases for the purposes of diagnosis.

“There are so many people, especially children, suffering from undiagnosed rare diseases around the world, and it is this unmet need that we are working to serve every day,” said Andrea Riposati, CEO and co-founder of Dante Genomics. “We must work to end any diagnostic odyssey for these patients and reduce the time to diagnosis from years to days.”

Dante Genomics will utilize the genomic data related to this partnership to advance internal research related to novel target identification and drug development with the goal to go beyond diagnosis to treatment of rare disease.

TMA will incorporate the data from this partnership to continue growing the largest, rare disease database in the world, with a focus on developing precision medicine solutions for rare patients everywhere.

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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