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Wood Capital Advisors Donates $500,000 to n-Lorem Foundation

December 10, 2020

Rare Daily Staff

Wood Capital Advisors has made an unrestricted $500,000 donation to n-Lorem Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides free, lifetime supplies of individualized RNA-targeted medicines to patients living with ultra-rare diseases.

The donation will be used to help further n-Lorem Foundation’s mission by providing hope to patients and families affected by ultra-rare diseases.

The foundation helps provide potentially life-saving treatments to patients in need that couple advanced genomic diagnostics with antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) medicines to create individualized genetic medicines that are designed to correct genetic defects in patients with ultra-rare conditions (1 to 30 patients, worldwide).

“Given the expensive nature of providing personalized ASO treatments to patients for free, for life, we heavily depend on the generosity of others to help us succeed in our mission, patient by patient,” said Stan Crooke, founder and CEO of n-Lorem Foundation.

Traditional biopharmaceutical companies are often ill-equipped to address the needs of ultra-rare patients because the drug platform technologies they employ are not well-suited for creating individualized medicines. There is also little financial incentive for companies to develop ultra-rare therapies since they likely won’t be able to recoup the cost of developing the treatments. n-Lorem solves with a charitable model what cannot be solved with a traditional commercial model, without charging desperate patients many millions of dollars a year.

“With multiple family members having suffered and persevered through genetic diseases, I understand the importance of hope – and n-Lorem is giving hope to these patients and families,” said Jason Wood, founder and CEO of J. Wood Capital Advisors.

Photo: Jason Wood, founder and CEO of J. Wood Capital Advisors

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