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About PlatformQ Health

PlatformQ Health is the leading provider of live-online medical education events. Dedicated to producing trustworthy and relevant education, PlatformQ Health partners with leading medical specialists and advocacy organizations to deliver disease-specific programming for clinicians and patients alike.

Their network of 15 learning channels — each focused on a specific therapeutic area and aligned to the needs of clinicians or patients and caregivers — allows participants to connect online from any device and engage with a live-streamed panel of healthcare experts in an immersive learning environment complete with slide presentations, audience polling and real-time Q&A. All of PlatformQ Health’s programs are also available on demand.

“Whether we’re engaging clinicians on the front lines of medicine or educating patients and their caregivers to take control of their illnesses, the goal is always the same,” says PlatformQ Health CEO Robert Rosenbloom, “to measurably improve outcomes by delivering the right medical information to the right clinicians and patients.”


About Our Partnership

In 2016, Global Genes partnered with PlatformQ Health to launch RareUniversity.com, a learning channel dedicated to empowering rare disease patients, caregivers and advocates. RareUniversity launched with the live-stream of over 70 hours of coverage during the 2016 RARE Patient Advocacy Summit and now serves as a central location for both disease specific education and general training.

“Education is a catalyst for success and a driver of change, and we are honored to be collaborating with PlatformQ Health on RareUniversity,” says Nicole Boice, CEO Global Genes. “This collaboration is critical in two ways; first, it provides an opportunity for Global Genes to create an inclusive experience for patient advocates anywhere to participate in our highly anticipated annual RARE Patient Advocacy Summit. Second, this will feed important content into what will ultimately become one of the most compelling sources for rare disease education.”


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If you’d like to sponsor a RareUniversity program, please contact our Corporate Alliance at corporatealliance@globalgenes.org.