NEXT 2023: The Rise of the Impatient Advocate

February 21, 2023

As Global Genes begins the year with an expanded focus on enabling next-generation patient advocacy, following its merger with the data-sharing platform RARE-X, this year’s NEXT 2023 report highlights the central role patients are playing in advancing research and development of rare disease therapies.

The report provides an overview of developments across the rare disease landscape and highlights trends in research, diagnosis, development, and treatment, as well as the changing regulatory and financial environment.  Read about:

  • How new genome sequencing technologies are cutting the cost and accelerating the speed of making a diagnosis
  • How patients are taking a hands-on approach to research to change the fundamental understanding of some rare diseases.
  • What advances were made on the policy front in rare disease and the unfinished work that will be addressed in the coming year

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