Luke Rosen is Co-Founder of KIF1A.ORG, a non-profit organization working to discover a treatment for children living with KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder, a rare genetic disorder affecting his daughter, Susannah. Started in 2016, KIF1A.ORG works to forge efficient collaborations within the scientific and patient communities to accelerate the development of therapeutics for KIF1A. Luke also serves as VP, Patient Engagement and Government Affairs at Ovid Therapeutics, a biotech working to develop treatments for rare neurological disorders. In his role at Ovid, Luke works closely with members of the rare disease community to encourage efficient and impactful collaboration among all stakeholders. Working closely with every function at Ovid, Luke ensures the patient and caregiver voice is central in decision making, clinical trial readiness, and public policy. He sits on the Board of Directors of Parents for Inclusive Education (PIE) and works to guarantee children with disabilities have equal access to New York City Public Schools. He has a Master’s Degree in Bioethics, a Bachelor’s Degree from Connecticut College and attended Balliol College, Oxford University