A Diagnosis We Never Saw Coming: 26-Years-Old with Astrocytoma Tumor

November 8, 2015

by Danielle Arfin

To be honest, we really are not sure exactly when Gabe’s symptoms first began.

Years ago he had complained about tingling and burning sensations in his head and numbness in his hands but doctor’s have not been able to connect the two. This past summer he suddenly got a bad headache that did not go away. His vision became blurry.

He first tried going to a chiropractor thinking he just had some tight shoulders or a tight neck. That did not work. Then he went to an ophthalmologist who conducted a field test. Gabe failed. He has no peripheral vision. The doctor, thinking he may have suffered a stroke, rushed him to the the nearest ER. There he got a CAT scan and MRI. The results showed that he had a large mass in his brain. He had surgery to reset it three days later.

The biopsy results indicated that Gabe’s diagnosis is a grade 3 astrocytoma tumor, which is a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer, and on top of that it is almost guaranteed to recur. He went through radiation and chemo for 6 weeks and has just started part two of chemotherapy which will last for six months.

6389084_1445267442.8962He is getting monthly MRI’s and some PET scans to monitor the area and check for recurrence. So far there are no clinical trials that he qualifies for but we are looking into other types of treatments for him. As with all cancers, there is not definitive cure for his condition but we are hoping to find something. Gabe is remaining positive at all times and planning on living a long and healthy life, he is only 26 years old as of this month.
The best advice I can give you is to keep looking forward and never ever let yourself get down. I think the main reason Gabe has been doing so well is because he has remained so unbelievably positive. I urge you to read his full story on here. Perhaps it will offer up some inspiration.

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