About My Bianca: Why We Love Her

June 22, 2015

by Jill Brandon

Bianca will be 17-years-old next week on June 10. She has polymicrogyria and microcephaly. My heart is full to overflowing regarding a great many things. My daughter does not talk, walk, crawl, sit up, is fed via g-tube and is incontinent. Phew…when I write these “can nots” in black and white it really does overwhelm me. If this was all of Bianca this would be beyond painful, but it is not. This girl is courageous, she is filled with joy, she loves “slap stick” humor, and “flying by the seat of her pants” at break neck speeds in her wheelchair.

She loves fast boat rides, bring snuggled by her brothers and her Dad..and me too of course. She has many struggles, seizure disorder, displaced hips, curvature of the spine….but her zest for life is quite contagious.

We, as her family have tried to give her the best life possible, and I believe we have succeeded in honoring her and her life. She has taught us so much. My sons, age 2o and 23 know such empathy, and care about their world. My husbands’ heart has been broken many times at the pain his daughter endures. I am proud of this girl, of her stamina, and her determination, and of the unconditional love she pours out freely upon those she loves.

Thank you my dear sweet girl for showing us how to love unabashedly, for giving of yourself freely and without expectation, and for your perseverance in this life journey. We are eternally grateful that you were born into our family…you are a rich blessing my love.

Your Mummy..xo

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