Allergic to Being Cold? Mysterious Diagnosis Stumps Doctors Until Very Last Test

February 6, 2016

by Jennifer Cole

It was a total of seven years of being misdiagnosed until recently this past June

I took my daughter to the allergist. After some standard tests, we found that she had no known allergies that we suspected she might.

I remember telling the doctor that I thought she was allergic to water. The doctor said the last test we will do is an ice cube test but its very rare and very unlikely that she’ll react. Sure enough she reacted almost immediately to the ice.

Of course! The night before she’d  had ice cream and shortly after consumption she got a very sore throat and a very high fever. Now looking back it explains the chronic 104 fevers she has had most of her life.

The rashes are from the cold and the funny thing is we live in Florida and never put two and two together until that grim day that we finally found out the culprit!

Living with this form of Familial Cold Auto inflammatory Syndrome (CAPS) is not the easiest but we have are good days mixed in with our bad. I do know one thing: my daughter is a trooper and she may be rare 1:100,000,000 but she’s not alone!

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