Diagnosis 22q11.2 Didn’t Stop Alabama Woman From Nursing School or Rare Advocacy

February 11, 2016

by Rebecca Osberg

I am from a small country town in Alabama. With wonderful, caring parents and family annd awesome physicians. I have been sick since birth , but no one ever knew why.

I was eventually discovered to be Congenital Heart Disease, which left me lifeless at times. I had Immune Deficiency, I had many other illnesses . In elementary, I had learning difficulties in reading and basic math, the same in high
school. In high school, I was diagnosed with hypernasal speech. and no one knew why.
When I graduated I went to LPN school. Passing with a B average. I passed nursing boards the first time. I worked as an LPN for 15 years before becoming disabled with 22q11.2.
As an adult I developed low calcium, low parathyroid, and tetany from the low calcium. I also developed Bipolar affective Disorder, now only Bipolar.

I had a wonderful Physician who listened to me and done the FISH test and the diagnosis was Digeorge Syndrome, VCFS, 22q11.2.

Since 2003 when I was diagnosed at age 39, I have had many events raising awareness. I have had Proclamations and Resolutions done for 22q11.2 because I do not want anyone to face what I have faced. I have had the social issues with 22q.

Without God , I would not be here today. My Endocrinologist said I was a walking miracle. I have all my medical records since birth. And I have had this since birth. I now have a rare disorders radio show with WJEC 1065 Vernon al.
And I write for the Lamar Leader and Lamar Democrat  and would love for anyone to join my group.

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