Ireland Woman With Systemic Scleroderma To Travel to Chicago for Transplant

April 27, 2016

Marina Jordan Killoran (45) suffers with an incurable auto-immune disease called Systemic Scleroderma and is going to die if she doesn’t receive a stem cell transplant, which is not available in Ireland.

Her husband Alan and their two daughters Shannon (20) and Erin (16) had almost lost all hope that they would lose her to the disease- until they discovered the treatment being pursued by Dr Richard Burt of The Northwest Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

In February, Marina travelled to the hospital to be assessed – and was approved – for the stem cell treatment, which costs $125,000 (€109,000), not including travel, accommodation or aftercare expenses.

A fundraising campaign launched by Marina’s family and friends in an attempt to collect enough money to pay for the groundbreaking treatment attracted the attention of the media – and the hearts of the nation – when the mother-of-two released a heartbreaking video online.

In the last week, donations have been flooding in by cheque, through the ifundraise account and directly to the fund bank account as the public lobbied to give Marina the chance she desperately needs.

At last count this evening, the fund stands at an incredible €107,000 – just several thousand below the family’s initial target.

“We essentially have enough to pay for the transplant,” an ecstatic Alan told this evening.

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