Josie Becomes A Kid Again

September 27, 2022

Josie Crosby Leigh syndrome

Josie is a sweet 4 year old girl living with Leigh Syndrome. When she was two months old, her family rushed her to the hospital because she started having seizures. After an MRI and a genetics test, her family was told that she had a rare form of mitochondrial disease called Leigh Syndrome and would likely not live to see her first birthday.

Josie has fought mightily to stay with her family and has beaten her initial prognosis. She is on a cocktail of vitamins and supplements to improve her mitochondrial health and is in multiple weekly therapies to strengthen her body and improve her developmental skills.

Through it all, Josie kept her sweet personality. Josie and her family discovered A Kid Again in December 2021 when they participated in an adventure at Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA. Josie made cookies with Mrs. Claus and saw lots beautiful lights. The best thing of all was ice skating together as a family! Mommy pushed Josie in her chair while the rest of the family skated along.

Josie ice skating! – A Kid Again

Author: Cari Crosby


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