Patricia Cristina’s Journey: Waiting for a Multi-Organ Transplant

March 16, 2015

Patricia Cristina had a midgut volvulus in utero; she lost the entire small bowel due necrotising enterocolitis. She’s been tpn dependant since birth, because of that Patricia has liver damage. This little angel lived her first 6 months of life in hospitals. In 2013 Patricia was listed for a multi organ transplant (gastrointestinal).

She has 3 different pumps for medicines/parental nutrition and a mic-key button to drain her stomach. Despite her condition, Patricia is pretty stable; thanks to her amazing doctors, nurses, parents, therapists and last but not least her supplies company.

Takes a lot of courage and sacrifice but it’s 100% worth it. It’s a long journey but with love and support is way easier. Patricia Cristina is the joy and blessing of the family. We’re still waiting for Patricia’s gift of life… Meanwhile we beat the odds.

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