Young Prader-Willi Patients Becomes Fire Chief For the Day

November 14, 2015

A community came together to give one little girl a big Halloween surprise.

Gracie Duplisea, age 7, has a rare disease called “Prader-Willi Syndrome,” which has affected her development, leaving her in a wheelchair.

But Gracie has always loved fire trucks and firefighters so much, so when she wanted to be one for Halloween, her mom, Roxanne, made it happen.

When members of the Mt. Juliet Fire Department heard about Gracie, they decided to give her a special treat: naming her fire chief for the day.

“She’s a person, you know? Say hi to her, she can wave,” Roxanne said. “You know what I mean? Don’t be afraid of her because she’s in a wheelchair, you know? She’s not going to bite, she’s a little girl. She loves people, you know? Just say hi.”

Gracie’s parents said they’re thankful Gracie got to have the experience, and they added they wish more people would take the time to meet her.


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