• To form Amyloidosis Support Groups where needed and to have all Amyloidosis Support Groups be self-sustaining through donations (general, memorial, note cards and other awareness items)
• To fund and maintain libraries of educational materials for all support groups.
• To fund group projects that will help in spreading awareness, co-sponsor Amyloidosis treatment and research fundraisers, and encourage grand rounds be held on amyloidosis at local hospitals and help to encourage money be raised for such projects.
• To purchase and provide awareness items such as pins, wristbands and other similar items for meetings, memorials, and fundraisers To help finance the annual educational retreat for training new and current group leaders and facilitators
• To maintain a 24/7 toll free “Hot/Help Line” to answer all support inquires.
• To provide on-going maintenance and informational updates on the A.S.G. web-site ( http://www.amyloidosissupport.com ).
• To promote, monitor