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Matt Might’s Powerful Response to “How to Minimize The Chance of Having a Disabled Child”
A post shared by NGLY1 Activist and parent, Matt, is listed below. First, your question is trivial to answer: to minimize the risk — to… Continue Reading
The Six People You Need to Chat With Before Your Rare Kid Goes Back to School
Growing up, my teachers and school staff had mixed feelings about how to handle my disease. Did they push or pull back? Were they supposed… Continue Reading
Making Life Easier: Accessibility and the Bathroom
When we were going to remodel our bathroom to make it more accessible for me in my scooter and with minimal use of my legs and right hand,… Continue Reading
The Employment Plan – Where Do You Start?
by Joan Friedlander   Meet Cass. Cass is one in a million, yet representative of so many people struggling to put their career back… Continue Reading
New Resource for Disabled College Students
A new tool for college students with disabilities is now online. The We Connect Now website (https://weconnectnow.wordpress.com/) was… Continue Reading
A Never-Ending Battle: ALD Causes Many Setbacks For This Mother Of Two
In 2004, I was told by my biological mother that my son would have a 50/50 chance of being diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy. I asked the… Continue Reading
Children's Rare Disease Network Partners With Medpedia.com To Create Rarespace
Online Knowledge Share Platform to Provide Valuable Information to Rare Disease Community Dana Point, Calif. (June 29, 2010) – Every… Continue Reading