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Progeria School Curriculum Is Launching!
The Progeria Research Foundation is excited to announce the creation of a middle and high school curriculum that motivates teens to believe… Continue Reading
Strategies for Effective Fundraising Now Available Online at Global Genes
Fundraising is a top priority for any foundation or organization delivering programs and services to the rare disease community.  The world… Continue Reading
One Day Summit “A Mission That Matters at MD Anderson” Hosted by The National Leiomysarcoma Foundation
The National Leiomysarcoma Foundation is pleased to present this one-day summit as part of the annual NLMSF Conference Series to provide… Continue Reading
World Rare Disease Day Educational Success: Julie Cunningham Creates Fun Printables for Kids
How do you communicate what an important day World Rare Disease Day is to a classroom of young children? While many rare parents will try to… Continue Reading
Global Genes Announces Winners of the David R. Cox Prize for Rare Compassion
Student from Baylor College of Medicine Wins Top Honors   Global Genes™ is proud to partner with Students Advocates for Neglected… Continue Reading
Register For Tomorrow’s Webinar On Helping Your Rare Child Through This School Year
Not familiar with a 504? What does IEP stand for? These questions and more will be asked in our “Optimizing Your Loved Ones  Learning and… Continue Reading