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Can This Outsourcing Model Save Health Care?
By Louis Garguilo, Executive Editor, Outsourced Pharma Follow Me On Twitter @Louis_Garguilo   A company has been formed to push aside the… Continue Reading
Have You Met: Genzyme’s Simone Azevedo?
As a TV Producer for Lifetime’s Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic, I have the opportunity to speak with some of the leading forces… Continue Reading
Stephanie Okey is U.S. general manager of rare diseases at Genzyme. She spoke earlier this year at a summit held by the National Organization for Rare Disorders.
BioFlash Reports: Genzyme Execs Cite Two Big Problems Facing Rare Disease Biotechs
Stephanie Okey, the head of Genzyme’srare disease business in North America, likes to tell the story of a patient who came into the… Continue Reading
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New RARE Toolkit: Pediatric Palliative Care
Today Global Genes announces its newest educational toolkit on pediatric palliative care. This toolkit, created in partnership with the… Continue Reading
PDL BioPharma Buys Share of Cerdelga Royalties for $65.6M
Source. PDL BioPharma said yesterday it acquired a portion of the University of Michigan (U-M) worldwide royalty interest in Cerdelga™… Continue Reading
New RARE Toolkit “Searching For Answers: Contacting Biopharmaceutical Companies Effectively”
“I can do that?” This is the question patients ask when it comes to the possibility of working directly with biopharmaceutical… Continue Reading
Genzyme Providing $900K Towards Gene Therapy Research for Childhood Blindness
Genzyme is entering the fields of ophthalmology and gene therapy.  Today, the company announced they are providing $900,000 in funding to… Continue Reading
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