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Scarlett Grace is fighting Branchio Oto Renal Syndrome and not giving up hope
Mom Finds Baby Scarlett Has Holes and Pits on Body and Recieves Branchial-Oto-Renal Syndrome (BOR) Diagnosis
After her birth, Scarlett was home from the hospital less than 12 hours before we brought her back due to her lack of feeding and a sense… Continue Reading
Atypical_Hemolytic_Uremic_Syndrome_aHUS_Christian Billingsley
Christian Billingsley – Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS)
On February 7, 2012,  WWL-TV, the CBS affiliate in New Orleans, reported on Christian Billingsley, a 17-year old boy diagnosed with… Continue Reading
CNN Health – Mom claims in viral blog that disabled child denied transplant
(CNN) — Can a patient be rejected for a kidney transplant based on a developmental disability? A New Jersey mother alleges in her blog… Continue Reading

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