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Is Your Child Having a Pain-Related Meltdown? When is a Tantrum is More Than Just a Tantrum?
By Lisa  Moreno-Dickinson We have all been at a store, a doctor’s office, church, almost anywhere and seen a child have a tantrum. Most… Continue Reading
Preventing Bullying and Promoting Rare Awareness This School Year
By Lisa Moreno-Dickinson  Are you contributing to the confusion? Making sure rare disease is understood by your child’s classmates can… Continue Reading
RARE Parenting: How Can We Help Teachers to Understand Rare Diseases?
CAID stands for Childhood AutoInflammatory Diseases. My organization, StopCAIDnow, covers over 30 diseases under that umbrella. These… Continue Reading
RARE Parenting: Handling the Common and the Medically Related Tantrum
All children act out. But when dealing with a child experiencing life with a chronic illness or debilitating disease, it can be hard to tell… Continue Reading
RARE Parenting: Autoimmune Vs. Autoinflammatory and Why I Started StopCAIDNow
I was desperate to find a diagnosis for my sons. It took over 18 months for my youngest to be diagnosed and it took years for my oldest to… Continue Reading
RARE Parenting: Is Co-Sleeping a Bad Idea?
According to the Center for Disease Control, co-sleeping is quite a common occurrence with roughly 68% of all children enjoying co-sleeping… Continue Reading
Rare Parenting | Lisa Moreno Dickinson
If its currently a controversy in the world of rare disease–I’ve written about it. For the past few years I’ve been tackling the hard… Continue Reading

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